Panache Jasmine review

I have heard the raves about the Panache Jasmine for almost a year now. It’s forgiving and pretty, the wires don’t come up too high or low, the cup construction is well-done, et cetera. Why didn’t I have one until now? One, I generally don’t like the shape that cut-sew bras give me because my own flesh is shallow and I get the ‘elf shoe’ shape easily. Two, I’m not a lace person. Really not a lace person. I’ve had problems with feeling unsupported on the top with some cut-sew bras I tried on in stores.

Recently I’ve had to clean out my drawer (bye-bye EM and Decos, hello a few pounds). I was poking around Nordstrom Rack to find to my delight that they had the Jasmine in my lower size! I’d tried it on once before thanks to my local store Bellefleur but I wasn’t too fond of Bellefleur’s markup price on it. This bra is something of a generous 32G I think.


4-part construction. Mesh on two panels on the bottom, a side mesh panel to avoid the east-west look, and stretch lace panel on the top of the cups. This makes the tops of the cups extremely forgiving but they don’t feel as supported. I definitely feel it if I run for the bus or stoplight.

Two hooks in the back, three in GG+. Partially adjustable straps- apparently they’re padded in GG+ sizes.


The back feels on the tight size. If you’re between band sizes, definitely go up. The top panel is great for size/hormone fluctuations, no need to rotate this in/out of your drawer. I am slightly shallow for it, so if you have wide, shallow breasts I don’t think it would work as well. The sides seem to be a medium height, keeping everything contained. A good fit for me in 32G.


The shape given is pretty ‘natural’. Not as pointy as I get with Freya cut-sew bras, but not especially rounded like I get with Confetti.  The version I have (bird print) is an excellent vivid print but the lace doesn’t feel like it matches. The cups feel a bit deeper than I may need, and I feel like my breasts are pushed all the way to the front but not lifted much.

This bra is comfortable and great for travel. I haven’t had much luck with mesh bras, so this is only the third I’ve kept. I find the shape acceptable if not ideal, and the price was pretty nice. I do see what the fuss is about: this bra will work for lots of women, and the size range is up to K. I now have two, because I got one for about sixteen dollars on eBay. Random luck there!

Jasmine has met with a great deal of success in sales, and Panache have even debuted a new continuity line that looks like it. This fall’s colorway is pink lace on pink base, which is several kinds of Faustine-repellant. However, I wouldn’t be averse to trying the Envy once I need another cut-sew bra.


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