The Uncertainty of Size

I’ve hit the point where most of my 32 bands need extenders (my ribcage is now 33.5″ and not squishy), so I’d bought the Deco Honeys and a Panache unpadded Dahlia to ‘tide me over’ until I figured out a consistent size. This has caused me a large amount of brainhurt for some reason I couldn’t fathom for a while until I figured out that I was upset about needing extenders with glamorous bra sets in styles that don’t exist anymore. For example, the Masquerade Delphi in sepia, and the Rhea in mulberry. They just don’t feel ‘replaceable’, have plenty of life left in the elastic, but wearing an extender just feels a bit of a mood-bummer. I actually went and ordered a larger Fauve Bronte in spice while I still could.

Tighter bras can interfere with singing- I took a few singing lessons with a bra I knew was too tight and I could definitely tell the difference. None of my sports bras fit anymore, either. I actually don’t have the correct extenders for them (regular fabric extenders feel like an odd choice), so I’ve been doing my weightlifting and biking in regular bras. While this is nowhere near high-impact, it’s suboptimal. There’s the typical ‘what if my size changes more’ fear that is stopping me from replacing them yet. It’s more fear of having too many bras- I don’t want to turn into some kind of bra hoarder. Now you know more about my neuroses! To purge that thought I sold off some older bras and will list a few more (Masquerade Amor berry, Freya Deco Wireless). We will see what people actually want. It’s worth it to not need an extender for any bra I can replace.