Panache Dahlia review

Local Bellefleur Lingerie carried this set which I’d been so curious about. I tried it on in the store and cackled bringing it home. I’ve enjoyed wearing it  for two months and am happy to report that it works for me, but it’s not for everyone.



Four-section mesh underwire bra with side support. All of the mesh is non-stretch. Straps are fully adjustable. Two hooks in 32G.


A 32G does fit me tightly, but a 34FF would better (my rib cage is 33.4″ and not very fluffy), so the bra seems reasonably true to size. The bra’s a bit tight when I first put it on and stretches during the day: if you like your bands snug *and* are between band sizes get the smaller. The cups are wide and the wires come up decently high. The top of the cup is not stretchy at all and fits my shallow profile with a little extra room. I would not recommend this bra for those who are full on top, and even fullness people may want to size up in the cup.



I am really excited about this bra because it’s mesh without being lacy. The embroidery is a kind of Swiss art deco leaf pattern that feels sophisticated and sleek, not overdone. It’s an instant classic in black and a beige they unfortunately label ‘nude’. It’s a great non-drab staple to have, and the briefs (which ran on the smaller end) are lovely too.

Last Thoughts For Now

Like Panache’s Jasmine? This has a similar construction but fits differently: the Jasmine is deeper and narrower in the cups, and the Dahlia has wires a smidge longer. I did bend the wires a bit for comfort. I think this is more of Panache’s stereotypical fit.

Good day, 2014!

I’ve been slacking on blogging the past few months, and it seems that trend is going to continue. I’ll try to post monthly, but probably only check my blogroll weekly, because otherwise it dominates my headspace and I’d like to learn other things, like singing and some new computer skills!

I’ve also found my fitting a mostly solved problem these days! There are so many options out there and some of them work for me, accessible in the US! I have lots of bras that are in the middle of their life cycle with no more room in my drawer, so it will be slow going for bra reviews. I tend to buy several of a model at a time now, for time constraints. I am retiring my beloved Panache Porcelain Plunge soon because it’s more than a year old and I’ve worn it consistently. Few other bras have stayed a good fit for so long!

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped buying things, though: I have a Panache Dahlia review drafted for you all, I bought a silk robe, and I have a Freya sport top which is basically the bra with a built mesh shirt on top of it. I’ll probably spring for a Cleo Neve to replace my Porcelain Plunge. If I continue to gain latissimus dorsi mass, I am sure I’ll need to replace even more.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading. I hope this year finds you and yours well.