Freya Marvel and Fantasie Martina notes

I ordered these to try on. Neither worked for me, but here’s what I noticed!

Freya Marvel

Construction: Cut-sew bra with a vertical seam and a bit of side support (there’s a vertical seam near the side of the cup).

This gives a pretty minimized profile, I don’t have much projection myself so it works for that. However, I may have too little even for this. The 34FF came up a teensy bit small when I first put it on, so I assumed that after a few hours I’d be overflowing. The 34G is a little open at the top, but I experienced wrinkling at the apex of the cup. Both sizes hugged the top of the chest unevenly, so instead of a straight seam it appeared a bit oddly curved (this is true on many models I’ve seen wearing the bra). I do like what they’ve done with this bra, but I think it’s a bit incompatible with my bottom-heavy shallow breasts.

Fantasie Martina

Construction: 3 part-cut-sew bra. Vertical seam near strap for side support.

To my surprise, this didn’t fit me that badly. There’s some room in the middle or top of the cups which means it’s better suited for even fullness breasts. The reason I didn’t keep it was because the upper panel looked yucky on me and dominated the look. Since I’m fuller on the bottom, one doesn’t get to see as much of the bottom of the cup, which is a fun metallic bronze.

I’ve tried a few more things that didn’t fit as my back continues to gain muscle and fluff. Parfait and Cleo up next.