Extenders extension

I’ve taken to wearing extenders for most all of my bras, especially the pretty ones. My band measurement keeps getting bigger, enough that some bras don’t fit me even with an extender (my Masquerade 32s are so sad cry cry cry lovely and not replaceable models). It’s a good thing I can do this for some, though, as my actual breast volume hasn’t changed. I’ve gained fluffiness and musculature and I feel so stupid for wanting to lose some of that so I could fit into old clothes. I’ve returned a bunch of bras, mailed some out as listed, and I’m tired of mailing out packages at the post office. But those are not extreme concerns in my life, and I’ll move on to what I’ve learned.

Extenders come in different sizes! I’ve ordered them in two-hook and four-hook, and they seem to come in three and five hooks as well. However, one ‘size’ doesn’t fit all: different bras have different amount of spacing between the hooks. I now have extenders in 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ and use them all. They don’t all fit perfectly, as I think some bras have 5/8″ between hooks. I’ve used Dritz, Maidenform, and Brah! extenders, and they do the job. They come in packs of black/white/beige, which seems boring for most of my lingerie. The Kloud, Bundle Monster, and Boolevard extenders come in more colors, but I’ve only seen options for ordering variety packs of twelve or so at a time, and they may not have the space between hooks that you need. These are the US options, anyway.

Extenders will have different tension than the rest of your bra band. Sometimes I find myself needing to adjust the band during the day. Additionally, since we have more hooks, they can dig in or feel funny across the back. I’m using them to extend the life or wearability of some of my bras as I slowly get bigger ones that fit. I’m reluctant to replace my entire wardrobe at once, it seems sad somehow…


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