Goodbye Masquerade

I’d heard that Fauve and Masquerade are being discontinued by Spring 2015. I wasn’t quite sure how and what to believe there or exactly what was going on, but I thought I’d buy myself a black Rhea just in case…and sure enough, the style was listed as Discontinued on HerRoom, as were other Masquerade styles. Several other sites are running low on stock.

I should also add that I tried on the Orla and found it ran a band size small and at least one cup size small. Scooping in a 34G left me with overspill, so I’d need two cup sizes up. Otherwise it seemed suited to me, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about the color.

Panache Black is apparently a follow-up to Masquerade and I’m guessing will contain very few styles. Maybe they’ll reissue the Rhea, maybe they won’t. On the chance that they won’t, I bought a Rhea from Amazon and will buy an Amor in my current band size shortly. Zulily even had a few Masquerade styles like Harem and Athena for sale yesterday. So, long story short is buy Masquerade while you can. My assumption is that luxury full-bust lingerie is difficult to sell, so there’s risk in producing a lot of styles. I know I have a hard time spending $90 on a bra plus $35 on the brief unless the bra blows my mind.

I thought I’d shout out to my favorite Masquerade styles over the years:


Dreamy vertical seam shape, I had the graphite version and missed out on the black (more fool me), but it was also offered in white-and-berry.


I’m still not sure whether this bra technically works for me because I’m bottom-heavy, and it probably doesn’t quite get two-cakes-on-a-plate, but I love the way it looks on me. My favorite version was the mulberry and graphite color.


20131205_210652_Android 20131205_210444_Android

This bra works for most shapes, I believe. Subtle, sophisticated, rich colors. I think this is the best use of shiny and matte I’ve seen together.


Many Masquerade styles seemed too lacy or fussy for me, but sometimes they hit the nail on the head. Dear readers, what have been your favorite Masquerade styles over the years?


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Masquerade

  1. Hello!
    What?! Is it really true? Do you have any official statement?
    It’s pity. I’m interested in Fauve, Masquerade doesn’t fit me. So I probably have to redeem ebay! 🙂

  2. Hi! I actually have a little scoop on Panache Black/Masquerade. My understanding is that they decided Masquerade needed a change. It hadn’t been selling well (sooo many cancelled styles), some American distributors call it Harlequin instead of Masquerade because of a trademark issue, so it can be a tough sell in the US at least, and overall there’s really low name recognition for the brand, plus they’ve had some fit issues and of course the higher price point further complicating the difficulty. Considering the lower awareness of full bust brands as a whole, they decided to use the Panache name to reintroduce the luxury lines as part of the main brand. That way, if a customer gets to know Panache, and asks a retailer if there’s anything like it that’s a little more special, the retailer can say “yes, this is the Panache Black line!” A lot of the styles are based on current Panache/Masquerade shapes (Tango becomes new Panache Black style Eclipse, available up to a K, and Masquerade’s Ardour returns in basic colors). One of last season’s cancelled styles (the Loire) is even a part of the first Panache Black collection, and the Serenity bridal range will continue as part of the line as well. So even though I think the first season’s lookbook is SUPER boring, I’m cautiously optimistic.

    • That does sound super boring. I like what they’re doing with Serenity, but Ardour is…I feel like it’s just a t-shirt bra with extra lace.
      Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye out!

  3. I really liked Tiffany (discontinued).
    And OMG Rhea. Needed to do three different alterations to get decent fit, but I just can’t resist it.
    That’s a pity that they want to discontinue the whole brand.
    And Fauve… The only non-padded bras which really fit me.
    That’s simply terrible.

  4. For me Masquerade discountinue is big disappointment. I love Medina bra, I love Persia bra and Amira. Unfortunately Rhea bra (usual size) didn’t fit me. Now I purchased from Belle-Lingerie sales Angie Raspberry and hoping that already autumn 2015 Panache Black offering something new and something more colored and something lace etc..

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