elomi Caitlyn underwire side support bra review

Caitlyn by elomi is the company’s best-selling bra, according to HerRoom. So why are there so few blog reviews out there? I am guessing it’s a demographics issue: elomi’s models look older than Cleo’s or Freya’s. Many bloggers are not in the 36+ band group, or 36+ age group, and most elomi bras start at a 36 band. Additionally, elomi had a reputation for being matronly-looking. They have made some amazing designs in recent years, but this is a review of a classic that has a new colorway every season.



Four-part fabric cup with side support panel (no sling, just reinforced satin like the bottom of the cup). Continuous band with a medium-high gore. Two hooks in some sizes, three hooks in 44DD-48DD, 42E-46E, 40G-44G, 38H-42H, 36I-46I, 34GG-44GG, 34H-42H, 34HH-40HH. Tall wings on the side, leotard back, and fully adjustable straps.



The cups run large, and I sized down to 34F, which worked rather smashingly (yes I know that’s not a real word). I don’t always quite fill the apex of the cup, but it’s a better fit than many Eveden cut-sew bras are on me. The band seems a slightly loose 34. I didn’t have an issue with strap width. There’s enough projection at the bottom of the cup that I don’t get an upside-down seven or torpedo shape from my body fighting the bra. So comfortable.



I like shiny, and I love jewel tones. The Ink color is both. Lots of other colors are simply shiny enough to require SPF 30, like this season’s Camellia Pink, but I think sheen spices up a basic bra nicely. Swiss embroidery on the top semi-sheer panel. I think Swiss embroidery is Eveden’s ‘whoops we are out of ideas/aren’t sure what to do designwise’ default. I like it on this one, though.

The shape given is lifted and contained. The seams don’t show through most of my t-shirts and tanks, and I can wear medium to low necklines if I feel like it.


Additional Comments

Caitlyn is the most comfortable and supportive cut-sew bra I’ve tried. I had surgery yesterday and this bra and Panache Sport are the only ones I can tolerate. I’m a convert. Size range is 34-36 E-K, 38-42 DD-K, 44-46 DD-H. Maybe that’s why it sells so well and is so hard to find on sale! It’s $55, reasonable compared to other DD+ bras. There’s also a wireless version sizes 36DD-44G which has side boning. That seems to miss the point in my mind, but I guess sternum issues aren’t the same as side issues?

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, Goddess’ Keira has a similar frame for $44. It’s the Swiss embroidery that cost $11, you know! Keira has a less inclusive size range, starting at higher cup sizes, and may fit you differently. Still worth a shot for the savings, though.

Caitlyn will be discontinued this fall and replaced by Cate, so there’s a limited time to stock up.

Pairings (comestibles compatible with this bra)

Trader Joe’s Pound Plus 72% bar and Twinings Earl Grey. My favorite value for money and classics I always keep stocked.


6 thoughts on “elomi Caitlyn underwire side support bra review

  1. I am so bummed to see this style get discontinued, particularly because when Eveden “tweaks” something not only is not the same as the original but it is usually more expensive. My customers love this bra! In some cases, it’s the only one they will buy. Not to mention, it’s hard for retailers to phase out styles like this and phase in something new if the business is small. Gah! On the positive side, the bra looks great on you and is providing some wonderful shaping and lift. 🙂

    • I am also bummed as well. Any tweak to a bra will change whether a customer can wear it, and if you depend on one bra this can be disastrous. Perhaps they thought it needed more Swiss embroidery? A J-hook? I don’t know, but the price difference can mean a lot to a person on a tight budget.
      I realized that in waiting so long to try this I had unwittingly bought into brand stereotyping- elomi tends to start at a 36 band, so I thought it was ‘not for me’. I stand happily corrected. Thanks for the photo feedback- I feel like photos can be useful but also somewhat deceiving. There are flaws that don’t show up in photos well, and some fit issues that look horrendous in photos but don’t bother me.

  2. Hi yes love the caitlyn look/style have a few i seem to fit between 44/46 back so go 44DD did try 46DD but wires poked in sides so went down to 44 which fits me nice and full and can wear all day in comfort as a male that’s been blessed or unblessed not sure which plus hormone imbalance from meds plus p tumor lifes sort of interesting but have quite a few Elomi bra’s in many styles as just seem to work well without a fanfare fit well and last ok also have some of the goddess version but do feel there slightly more relaxed in band?
    We had thei conversation on the Elisabeth Dales thebreastlife .com she has a page for males and i said about they delete styles that i found good to which she laughed and said many females comment on that too as you find a style/fit that works for you and plonk dropped off the shelf.
    So guess the Cate will have no Swiss embroidery and a higher price too mind if Eveden push there prices up too high get into Empreinte/Prima Donna price range and that will cost sales as i for one like those other two brands. Plus Prima Donna is moving into helping the Gynecomastia suffers as becoming so mainstream with men having that they want to bring a range out so a pretty smart move on there part as Elisabeth Dale say’s brands just shrug there shoulders so there loss.
    Mind had some good info/help from Leila/elomi so happy with brand.mind i guess it’s the USA thing of if it’s not broke let’s break it then charge more?

      • True in some ways but even Far eastern companies some even more so carry the USA business ethics! When looked/studied things you get to see patterns.
        But do like Elomi been great to me with help/info nothing is ever a problem staff are great and many companies could learn a hell of a lot from them.
        So for me it will always be my number one brand as like to give loyalty to those that help me and ive Prima Donna&Empreinte both fantastic bra’s(44F)fit perfectly.
        Have found a few old styles like the Jasmine and Cleo EL8000 wow really nice and like the side support plus got a few more Caitlyn’s in colour’s(nice to have a change)
        But for me with health issues look for comfort as they can’t make there mind up with P tumor(get different story depending on who see?) but put me on Tgel which caused many problem not just heart racing/thought having heart attack one night/hands.feet swelling/pain levels roof high(fibro)/Breathing problems etc but loosing weight all the time but these have increased with firm tissue and very sensitive/sore nipples! gone from more 46D/44DD to 44E/F and can get into some 42’s! so not an easy time but one thing many never think about with Fibromyalgia/Raynauds is pressure pains as some bra’s push hard on breast bone with Gore which then marks/becomes painfully sore and can break skin.
        So something to think about when buying Which Caitlyn’s have been good with mind Keira/Kayla’s are good also and have put people onto them and said really like and happy.
        One don’t really get on with is Sculptress as press very hard and wire issues pity as look nice.
        But you say matronly looking many say that about T Doreen’s but still sell like hot cakes even used many wear as working bra’s rather than night out/fashion bra and your going to need far more work bra’s than night out one’s! so guess horses for courses as it were!
        Doreen works for me too as have some.
        Going back to Elomi it’s what i would say being run sectioned by Eveden with other brands catering for smaller band then Fantasie fitting midd market Elomi the larger band/cup from mid size then Goddess there to largest band/cup not unlike many others like Electrolux with things like Chainsaws with McCulloch the diy/throw away/Husqvarna the top end use.
        But speaking to Elomi they say Caitlyn isn’t being dropped but the Rita is which is sort of J hooked Caitlyn?
        But in a nutshell yes like the Caitlyn ok to be far don’t look so fancy as some but once under clothes do any of you know what colour your wearing or really fancy?(mind some fancy arn’t always so comfortable once wearing all day)So i will buy them and wear as just does what it say’s on the box and can’t ask for more really yes do have to watch sizing or can get nibbed with wires as you said is more generous but that’s one more reason to get fitted properly and support your Bricks and Mortar shops! Which i prefer to but many don’t like our support so loose out but have found many are being more helpful towards males with breast issues.

        But think about this for a moment! if someone came to you and put £2000 on the table and said can you fit/supply me what would be your response?
        As when sort of go through what ive got over last year or so must be at least in that region ok not got that many at full price but if shop don’t want to fit get on the net so they lose out but have i guess 90 odd plus briefs as try to buy matching now i find them more comfortable i guess as hormones have been wrong so long it’s changed my body shape as hips feel wider as guess deposits but they don’t irritate when wearing like pants do.

        But there isn’t really a bra that fit’s all perfectly but some are good all rounders which i’d say the likes of Caitlyn style fit’s into.

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