PSA: Bratabase giveaway

Human who wear bras (not just ladies and gentlemen),

I bought a 34FF Curvy Kate Starlet a while back and decided I just could not deal with the fabric fold at the bottom, so I’m giving it away. This bra works better for those who have less lower fullness or projection on the underside of the breasts.

starlet_front starlet_back starlet_side starlet_side2

If you have a bratabase profile and can tell me a little about what bras work for you, you can look at the listing and message me until 26 April.


4 thoughts on “PSA: Bratabase giveaway

  1. Starlet was actually comfortable, but the visible fold bugged me out so much I decided it was time to let it go. It is on the shallow and wide side, but not as much (if I recall correctly) as the unpadded Curvy Kates of yore, like Emily and Lottie. I think this works best for breasts that are even in fullness. As t-shirt bras go, this covers quite a lot and the foam is thin, so if that’s what someone is looking for it may be worth a shot. They may have redone the Starlet fit again last year, but I don’t remember why I thought that…something about the basic colors being slightly different and renamed.

    Curvy Kate do something I’ve never given them proper credit for before: their three-hook bands start at FF. I realized this when I tried on the Dita not long after putting the Starlet’s details into Bratabase. I also do like how their ‘fit tweaks’ seem to actually make their bras work for more people and aren’t there to add to the price.

    • Thanks for the feedback!! The only thing I don’t like when CK does fit tweaks is they often do not rename the bra. I remember when Smoothie first released, they updated somewhere in the field of 8ish months later, and it was impossible to tell if you got old Smoothie or new Smoothie. There was a lot of confusion, and I know we had special orders which did not pan out or had to be re-ordered because people fit the old version better. I used to think it was annoying companies changed names (like Elomi discontinuing Caitlyn for the tweaked Cate), but after that issue, I totally get it!

      • They have renamed the Daily Boost to Daily Dream, so I assume there are fit changes there, but don’t know if there is a price difference.
        On Bratabase there was a lot of confusion over whether one had the original Smoothie or newer Smoothie, I think the solution was to check what was on the tag/serial number and reference it when measuring or posting comments.

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