Bridal lingerie: something a little different

John accepted my marriage proposal back in March, and our wedding’s in July. We’re just going to the courthouse with our families, and I’m wearing a cocktail dress from Nordstrom by Ivy & Blu. I think it was on sale for $60, I bought it a year ago to wear for weddings in general. I don’t feel like going wedding dress shopping, so here we go.

Under it I don’t know what I’ll wear. Probably my Dita set, since it has a low neckline but isn’t too bulky. I like the way white looks on me, but I don’t see the point in hunting for a white set when I’m not doing much else traditionally.

I did buy something I’ll call wedding lingerie to wear around for my honeymoon in August, though: an assembled outfit from Christine Lingerie. Basic silk cami, lounge pant, and the Smoky Rose short robe. I picked these pieces up at their headquarters in Vancouver, where they have sale samples in the front. Although you cannot be assured of getting specific patterns or colors, the discount is pretty amazing: the set came to less than half the retail price. Here’s the robe:


Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to taking this baby from A Sophisticated Pair on my honeymoon for easy travel:


I’ve gained weight since the photo was taken. So a size large was a bit large, now I think it’ll be fine. Bolero Beachwear is washing-machine and dryer safe, it says.

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