Padded and Molded

  • Cleo Neve 36FF, cobalt blue
  • Cleo Neve 36FF, flower print
  • Elomi Bijou 36F, pansy
  • Freya Deco 36F, beige
  • Freya Deco 36FF, cobalt
  • Freya Deco Honey 34FF, flame
  • Kris Line Elaine 36GG, black
  • Kris Line Cherii 36GG, red
  • Masquerade Angie 36FF, red/black
  • Masquerade Antoinette 36FF, black/ruby


  • Bravissimo Can Can, 34FF
  • Claudette Dessous, 34G, navy/yellow
  • Curvy Kate Dita 36F, black/silver
  • Elomi Caitlyn 36F, anthracite
  • Elomi Rita 36F, red
  • Panache Dahlia 36F, black
  • Panache Olivia 36F, teal


  • Panache Sport 34FF, black
  • Panache Sport 34F, neon pink and blue
  • Panache Sport 34F, geo print
  • Panache Sport Top 36F, geo print
  • Freya Sport underwired top 34FF, black

…and a bunch of extenders

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