Due to a move with getting out of shape, an enforced period of inactivity after surgery, medication changes, and vacation in several places, I’ve replaced muscle with fat. This means over half my bras don’t fit. Too tight or too small in the cup. I’ve been putting bras in storage (some which I was waiting on wearing until others stretched out) and had to buy a few new ones. Some of them I will give away, and some I might try reselling. It’s been a while since I measured myself anyway. The older bras will be on standby if I get into a different shape. I changed gyms since the move and now go to the Y for weights and stationary cycle at home while reading.

I made myself a new rule: anything that doesn’t fit right now goes in a suitcase. Looking at it in the drawer is just depressing. I do this monthly. The new arrivals I’m rocking include Curvy Kate’s Dita and the Masquerade Antoinette. The new arrivals that did not rock with me were two Claudette Dessous. I will review them all for you as life slows down a bit.

I received my order from Pillowbook and am floored by the lovely silks. Before I get pictures of the treasures on I recommend you check out their site for Far East lingerie with geometric flair. Their showcase garment is the dudou, an evolution of a tied top dating back to the Ming dynasty. Also, check out the Mondrian capsule collection (thanks Caro!). I never thought I’d enthuse over the use of corners in lingerie, but life has taken me stranger places.

Over vacation I went to the Taza chocolate factory and I must say I ate the chocolate covered cashews too fast. Worth it, though. They’re out of stock in the online store right now:

promo photo from tazachocolate.com



Panache Spring/Summer 2013

Some liked the Curvy Kate roundup for this season, so I’ll do another one for the Panache brands. I think Panache is really my go-to brand: I own a Sport, Confetti, Porcelain Plunge, adore the regular Porcelains, and have two Masquerade bras. I’ve also heard great things about Cleo but I’ve never found one that I’ve fit/loved. Panache haven’t put their Spring/Summer collection on their site yet, so I’m going from some other sources to detail what’s new.

Here’s what I found of interest:


Generally fun, more ‘youthful’ designs, tend to give a round and in front shape.

Marcie– Marcie’s been a hit with some and a disaster with others. I tried the Natasha which apparently has the same cut in my size and there was so much wrinkling at the top of the cup it was ridiculous. The shape it gives is apparently wonderfully round, so it’s returning for another season in a jolting color! I wonder if sizing down would help, or if it’s just not meant for bottom-heavy breasts. That shade of blue is nice and aggressive- electric with the contrast pink bow! I am happy that it goes up to J.

Maddie– I rather liked the Cleo Karen, but it was too small for me and was unavailable beyond a G. Apparently they’re offering up to an H cup now? I’m not too hot on the print, which I think is overly busy, nor the pink contrast, but I’d love to try the cut in another size- it apparently works well for bottom-heavy breasts. If it works I’ll keep an eye out for future designs.

Nina- I remember trying the Arianna and being unable to fill out the top, or the bra running big. This is an in-your-face pink with purple detailing, evocative of sharp angles- Motorola RAZR pink, but more matte? I like the geometry, but I’m not confident I’d fit in it well.

Panache Superbra

The base collection as I think of it, Panache offers great basics including the beloved Tango, Andorra, and Porcelain.

Fern– I adore purple paisley. I would be all over this if it weren’t for the blasted pink lace on it! It may go well with the gentle purple, but I really dislike any non hot-pink color on my skin. If it were the pink in the Nina, I’d consider it. That said, paisley trend = yes please. I wonder how much of the pink lace is structural- would I be able to remove it? That might ruin the line at the top of the cup.

Andorra Plunge– This model only comes in fashion colors, this time Carribean blue. I am curious as to how the stretch lace works in a plunge bra and if it accomplishes the same forward projection the Andorra and Jasmine are famous for.

Porcelain Viva– I don’t see many white and navy bras out there, and with the stripes, it’s very smart and nautical. There’s also a pink variant. If we changed the darker blue details into white pinstripes I think it would make an excellent swimsuit.

Idina balcony/plunge- These supposedly have similar stretch lace to the Andorra/Jasmine. Are they a new continuity line? They are starting with basic colors- latte and black. I’ll be curious to hear about the shape they give.

I don’t see the Sienna available, but it seems those mainly come out in the fall?


Panache’s new line starts at a 3t band. Lots of full coverage bras with lots of lace. They’re not to my taste, but very pinup. Here’s my favorite:

Belisse: Fun floral print! The yellow and red really pop!



My favorite brand for any day I want to feel a little special.

Amor in dark pink or berry or whatnot. I missed the sapphire version because I was afraid it would fit like the Capella. Maybe I should try sizing down in the cup? Sleek design, not a geometry I’ve seen before.

Arquette Navy/Vanilla. Based on the Delphi shape, apparently, though I will miss the Delphi. The blue overlay seems a bit heavy somehow.

Antoinette is back! Masquerade discontinued this line before I knew of Panache, and they’re reintroducing it in this color. Interesting bandeau design (usually works better for full profiles), dark pink lace overlay. I guess this is also ‘berry’. The vertical seams remind me of corsetry.

Fashion notes/roundup:

Great googly moogly, the pink. It’s spring, I get it, time for gentler colors, but augh. This much pink hurts my retinas. Great for those who like it, but I keep thinking about bags of conversation hearts. You know, those things what taste like Necco wafers with drippy commands on them with a texture somewhere between cheese puffs and styrofoam but you eat a bunch of anyway every year for some compelling yet unknown reason? Whoops, I’m projecting. (And now I want some!) Anyway, my pink must be done in limited doses. For those of you who like it, it’s a bonanza this season!

Panache is not shy with its lace, but I don’t think it ever was. I’ll be curious to try the Amor and figure out the fit of several of these. What attracts you in the Spring/Summer lines? Anything you’re putting on your wish lists or want to figure out the fit of?