Despite having left 30 behind some time ago, I still wear silly hairclips sometimes. My purse strap decided to have an argument with my bra. Most of my bras are not quite smooth enough to stand up to the stress of the diagonal purse. I wonder whether I should rectify this with a new purse which I need anyway, or new bras.

The #DiversityinLingerie initiative shows that women are multitudinous and have different sizes and skin colors but many of them wear lingerie. We like to buy things that we know work for us, and so it would be totes mega cool to see more diverse models (age, size, skin, scars, tats, shape variance).

This picture was taken at night, so the lighting is off. My skin is a bit darker than this. I’d like a bra that comes in my skin tone! I am half East Asian and half Central Asian, which is not common anywhere I know of. Nevertheless, I’d like to see more humans of color as lingerie models. Besides representing humanity better, I like having some idea of how a bra’s colors will look against my skin tone. I’d also like to see older models (of anything up to a hundred, since I assume I’ll need some support until my dying day).

Dear DD+ manufacturers, there are in fact Chinese ladies who need your bras! My mom, for one. I don’t often see women of East Asian or really any Asian heritage in lingerie campaigns, and we are a rather large market. That’s my pipe dream for today.

Cheers to everyone participating, and I’d like to thank the organizers for putting this together! Here’s a master list!