In review

I’ve been preoccupied with job and personal things recently, so it means I have reviews overdue- Panache Porcelain, Curvy Kate Tempt Me, and Masquerade Rhea.  I’ve made a few notes on Bratabase, which I hope to expound on in the days to come, now that I have free time again!

My Freya Taylor has begun to stretch, but I really think they use stiffer fabric for it than for the standard Deco.  There’s still a little bit at the bottom that seems unused and it’s a bit too small in a 32G- interesting because the Deco is supposed to run generously.  By contrast, the Rhea 34FF and 32G encase everything they are supposed to.

Current wish list: Masquerade Delphi and Capella, Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte and Jeanie, Wonderbra D-G T-shirt bra, and maybe something by Ewa Michalak.  I’ll have to figure out the budget next, but I guess those are my purchase plans for the year.