Modesty Panel

I somehow missed this when it first circulated, but I want to amp the signal of several bloggers discussing modesty!

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Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

I don’t feel I have much that hasn’t been said quite well to add to the discussion, but here are a few notes:

  • My formerly Muslim dad tried to pay me in high school to wear longer shorts.
  • I dress for myself most of the time. I do not owe attractiveness or modesty to anyone.
  • I cannot control who gets off on what sexually. My exposed elbows may be fetishized and that really should not be something I have to do something about.
  • It is insulting to people who are sexually oriented towards women to think that they have less control towards women who show more skin.

New locale, new selections!

I just moved to Fremont (a Seattle neighborhood) last week and now live two blocks from a lingerie shop called Bellefleur. They stock up to 36G and carry Panache/Cleo/Harlequin and Affinitas. Sold. First place that isn’t Intimacy that I can try Masquerade on. The lady there was very nice but I haven’t tried on anything yet,  just stopped by.

I also went to Nordstrom to try on some current Cleo styles. Marcie was not quite a fit for me, as my tissue is soft enough that the center seam cuts in and creates an odd line under shirts. Sizing up gave lots of gaping at the top of the cup, and sizing down made the bra cut in several places. I guess the fit can be tricky for bottom-heavy and soft women. I also tried on Melissa and noted it didn’t work well for me but I can’t remember anything besides having to scoop migrated tissue in an unsatisfactory manner.

I’ve started my new job in Seattle, and so far so good. I have an open workspace, which means no more blogging/reading at work during my lunch hour. This will probably cut down on blog presence for a while, but I’m happy in that there are so many great resources out there. I’m still breaking in two bras, and should have some ‘retroviews’ of oldies but goodies as well.