Trying things on for size: Cleo Maddie

The Cleo Maddie looks a darn sight like the Cleo Karen from A/W 2012. I liked the design of the Karen, but it came up small and ends at G. With Maddie Cleo have extended the sizing up to H, so I ordered a 32GG.


Molded cup bra with small amount of lace on top. I’m don’t think the lace here does any smoothing out of the top of the cup line. Two hooks in the back. Full band gives good anchorage in the front. Cannot remember strap adjustability, but they look fully adjustable.


The 32GG felt like it fit but cut in just a bit at the top. This bra is probably not suited for full-on-top breasts, as the top slopes in pretty quickly. I’m not sure if the bra was too small or it’s the cut. But I’m excited that this is a bra that won’t have fabric fold/orange-in-glass for many full-on-bottom women! Do not be fooled by the cleavage the models have- I didn’t get any. The fabric tacked very well to me- I have medium-to-wide breasts I think and the wire width worked well with them.


Visually I feel the shape is balanced and smooth, and doesn’t try to hoist my bottom-heaviness into the stratosphere.  There’s a fairly natural contour. Coverage is average to high despite being labeled a ‘balcony’ bra. The pink lace on it felt like an extraneous bother to me, though- I liked the contrast idea but pink lace is not for me, especially with animal print. I like the bold saturated teal color, but I’ve never liked animal print. So I felt it wasn’t for me.

If you like molded bras, have a shallow profile, and can stand the blue leopard print and pink lace, I suggest giving Maddie a try. I’m going to wait and see what they do with the shape in upcoming seasons.

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